Ice Climbing In Ateni Valley

Ice climbing is a rather established sports discipline in Georgia. One of the best places to exercise is in Ateni Valley near the village of Biis.

Best time to climb

January and February are the best months to go ice climbing.

What you need

Apart from the essentials, your equipment should include: 60M roupe x2, 2 ice axe, crampons, 7-8 ice screws + quickdraw, harness, helmet, delay device, 4-5 crabin.

How to get there

You will need about 1,5 hours from Tbilisi to Biis, the distance is 130 km. Following the main car route, you turn left and enter the village. It is recommended to travel by a 4×4 vehicle, as in this case you will be able to drive into the village for additional  300 meters without having to leave the car parked on the main road due to poor street conditions.

Once you get your car parked, you need to walk up along the river for 20 minutes until you reach the frozen waterfall, which is 60m high and 5-15m wide.

Where to stay

The place at the bottom of the ice fall is decent for camping – but keep in mind that it gets really cold at night!


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