Climbing In S.K.Lucky

Welcome to s.k.lucky – best and biggest climbing wall in Georgia, which satisfy EU standards.

This is a place you can visit with family, climb and have fun. Our 12-meters wall is equipped with automatic safety tools (“gri-gri”). We have a big bouldering section with mats for climbing at safe height. You can rent all necessary climbing equipment. We have groups for kids with trainers. Also, we have personal trainers for individual exercises. We can also provide group trainings – physical exercises, events, parties, team buildings. The routs are renewed every week by professional routsetter. The gym is equipped only with UIAA certificated equipment. For you – comfortable dressing rooms with shower.


Tbilisi, Vake-Saburtalo, University street #6, Sport complex “Arena 2”



Temo (+995) 598 45 70 48
Alexey (+995) 597 70 46 73


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