Javakhishvili summit from north "Chelidze" (4A, UIAA)

Mountain Massive - Caukhi

Caukhi Mountains are locatins in Khevsureti province. Nearest village is Juta. Rocky mountains are erected from green alpine medows. Mountaineering rotes are very close from Base camp. Here in very small massive climbers can find all kind of routes interesting as for deginners also for high professionals

Ascend to Caukhi base camp (camp 1)

Evry route which are going to the Caukhi Peak Massif starts from the one camp (CAMP 1). The route the Chaukhi Peak Massif start in the village Juta (2100 m). Afterpassing the village and reach the cemp Zeta. in the camp youcan take a shower, food and stay at night. From the camp follow the rivwr Caukhi, the track is marked goodly. After passing throw the grassed plateaus and slopes you'll exit on the high plateau (cemp-1 2250m), on which edge is three dig bolders (10m). On dhese bolders there are stakes and it is possidle to thain for the rock climbing. This plateau is great for camping.


Best time to climb

The best time to climb the chaukhi is mid July to mid September.

Also you can climb in the winter from the beginning to the middle of December and from the beginning to the end of February, but during this period the temperature is much lower (-10 -15 Day and -20 -30 Night).

In any case, you need to get acquainted with the weather before the start of your adventure.

How to get there

From the village of jute on foot along the walking path towards the mountains to camp 1. The entire route is marked along the way. Approximate walking time 2.30 - 3.00

Route - Javakhishvili summit from north "Chelidze" (4A, UIAA)

Height difference (m) 1183m
Maximum height (m) 3733m
Days from camp 1 1
Rope 5

(Line 2)

Pitch number R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
Pitch height (m) 50 50 30 50 50
Gread (FNS) 4 4 5b 4 5b

From the Chaukhi camp (CAMP-1) go to the South-east directions, follow the grassed hill and reach the saddle and from here move straight on the loosen slope 40 m, then pass onFf difallen Fireplace goes on the mountain range, which length is stance 40 m. bv the traverse at the bot top of the Fireplace. Widely opened Fireplace with the clefts-100 m. go to the saddle near the big stone. By the saddle reach to wall, which begins with the little cleft, spread on in the widely opened corner, in small Fireplace is the stone cork, pass on and from here by the gently traverse move on the left, go to the internal corner and after that on the fallen stone platform. At the qimsa and skate is the station on 50 m. and at the top of the station 10 m. passing through the Fireplace you'll reach the big platform. From here turn on the left hand and move until skate - 50 m, there is a rope for the traversing. From here by the traverses moving on the left you'll meet three Fireplaces, all of them is passable and the second is easer. Second Fireplace - 30 m. 50 m. Fireplace spreads on the fallen big platform. Follow the clear wall in the peak direction 50 m. and go to the platform. Follow a peak 70-80 m. and begin to traverse platform with snow and stone. Traverse 100 m. and move widely fallen stone place. 70-80 m. widely laid to the mountain peak.


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