Mt. Tetrnuldi 'Classic' (2b UIAA)

Mountain Massive - Tetnuldi

Tetnuldi (Georgian: თეთნულდი) is a prominent peak in the central part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, located in the Svaneti region of Georgia. According to most sources, Tetnuldi is the 10th highest peak of the Caucasus. The slopes of the mountain are glaciated generally above the 3,000 metre (9,840 ft) line. The most prominent glacier of the mountain is called Adishi.

It was first climbed by Douglas Freshfild in 1896. The first ascent of the north face was completed by Michael S. Taylor and John R. Jenkins.

Tetnuldi is one of the most beautiful summit of Svaneti. Its snowu cone overlooks Mastia and attracts the trevals. It hass saveral route of the most hard category. Herender you will find the description of easiest of them. The route starte at the pictesque slopes of Adishi Village and attracts with the fascinating views and technical simmplicty. it is planned to develop the mountin skiig resort in thes area. Hence, the vicinities of Tetnuld will decome easier to access and better known.

Best time to climb

The best time to climb the chaukhi is mid July to mid September.

How to get there

All routes to the tetnuldi mountain start from the glacier, A detailed description of the approach, see the section of tracks.

Route - Mt. Tetrnuldi 'Classic' (2b UIAA)

Ascending can by cimmenced at: A) Adishi Village; B) Ughviri Pass

A) From Adishi Village by the grassy slopes we head to the north. in 3-4 hours we reach moraines, bypass them for the left and in 1-2 hours we get to the firtst overnight stop: CAMP-1(3013 m.) it is very convenient camping place: grassy place on a hill, with spring at its foot. Here A) and B) routes merge

B) From Ugvirin Pass we turn to the west (do not continue to Ushguli). it is also possible to get to the Hut (Hut-1 2786m.) by car.  Trip from Mestia to the Hut by car takes 2 houre. It is 5-6 hours walking from Ughviri Pass. From the Hut we continue by the hores-reding and in 1 hours reach CAMP-1(3013 m.) it is recommended to stsy overnigt her.

Frome CAMP-1 we head to the nothwest, go by moraine and reach the simple snow coloir (inclination - 20-25 degreeas). We pass the couloir and step on the ridge. Ther are severnight stop point at the ridge; the place is called Amarati Nest (3400). It is 2 hours walking destance from CAMO-1. At the ridge we turn left (to the north) and continue our way.

At the snow slopes of the medium comple rocks, get to the snow slope, which we partly traverse and get to the upper plateau of Kasedi Glacier, at The edge of which we find the overnight stop CAMP-2 (3715 m.) (3-4 hours walkig from Amarati Nest).

From CAMP-2 we head towerds northwest and cross the upper plateau of Kasebi Glacier. From its extreme left edge we ascend to the snow cornise. We continue along snoe-ice cornise and get to the ridge. At the beginning of the ridge there is the cozy CAMP-3 Which can be used as a reserve overnight stop plane. it takes 4-5 hours of walking to get her for CAMP-2

Descet - the some route,5-6 hours to CAMP-2


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