Urban Climbing In Tbilisi

Welcome to the monument of Lotkin.

It is a 40 meter concrete structure. The building is located on the outskirts of the city and there will be no difficulties getting to the court. The project has just stared but after completion it will be possible to climb 2-rope multi-pitch. You can also climb the thread.

Best time to climb

You can climb here all year depending on the weather.

What you need

  1. 20 quickdraw
  2. (Min) 40m - (Max) 80m roupe 
  3. Harnes 
  4. Belay device
  5. Helmet (Use helmet for your safety !)
  6. Shoes & Chalk Bag

How to get there

From the metro 'Station square'  top exit rides buses №110, №111, №48 (One stop 1) and №36 (One stop 2) to (see map)


Guga - Mail: gugadabrunda@gmail.com    Tel: (+995) 557 300 700

Temo - Mail: samsonadze.temo9@gmail.com    Tel; (+995) 598 45 70 48


For today there are 6 sport climbing & 1 dry-tooling lines.

Highest  of 2 line are 40 m, 1 line 30 m and 3 lines 20 m.  grade  5c / 7a

In the middle of the 40 m lines there are top chains.


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