Outdoor climbing

Outdoor rock climbing area in Georgia

Climbing in Gveleti


1 Sectors. 7 Route.

Climbing near Borjomi

Borjomi is located in Eastern Georgia. Here you can do rock climbing as well as various activities.

2 Sectors. 14 Route.

Climbing to Caukhi bace camp

Besides alpine style you can climb sport route on Chaukhi bace camp.

2 Sectors. 8 Route.

Climbing in Tsdo

Tsdo is a small village near Kazbegi it's a beautiful place. It's nice place for sport and multi pitches climbing.

2 Sectors. 6 Route.
Multi-pitch 6.

Climbing in Navardzeti(chiatura)

Small village “Navardzeti” is located 4.5 km from Chiatura to direction  big climbing region “kacxi”

1 Sectors. 7 Route.

Climbing In "Tbilisi Botanical Garden"

Georgian climbers of all decades have been climbing at the Botanical Garden – one of the best places to go rock climbing in Tbilisi.

3 Sectors. 45 Route.

Climbing In Birtvisi

Birtviy canyon is located 40 km. from Tbilisi. On the climbing section of the track there are mainly bouldering routes, but there are also sports tracks.

15 Sectors. 35 Route.

Climbing At The Black Sea Coast

If you want to go rock climbing on the seaside, the Black Sea coast offers some opportunities to do so.

4 Sectors. 26 Route.

Climbing In Arsha

Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) located in the North and 1750 above sea level,  is one of the most popular and touristic places in Georgia.

2 Sectors. 30 Route.
Multi-pitch 2.

Climbing In Kutaisi(Choma)

There are not many climbing trails in the city, but it is enough for a pleasant pastime. 

1 Sectors. 13 Route.

Climbing In Dzevri


2 Sectors. 12 Route.

Climbing In Mestia (Chalaadi)


2 Sectors. 15 Route.

Climbing In Chiatura

chiatura  is one of the most perspective places for climbing in Georgia.

3 Sectors. 24 Route.

Urban Climbing In Tbilisi

Welcome to the monument of Lotkin. It is a 40 meter concrete structure.

1 Sectors. 13 Route.

Climbing In Katskhi (Chiatura)

Katskhi  is one of the most popular and best  places to climb in Georgia. Quality of the rock is perfect for different tip of climbing.

9 Sectors. 74 Route.

Climbing In Sveri(Chiatura)

Sveri Climbing area is located in a small quaint village in region of Imereti on the western part of Georgia.
Rock climbing is a relatively activity in this area.

5 Sectors. 60 Route.