Outdoor climbing

Outdoor rock climbing area in Georgia

Climbing to Caukhi bace camp

Besides alpine style you can climb sport route on Chaukhi bace camp.

2 Sectors. 10 Route.

Climbing in Tsdo

Tsdo is a small village near Kazbegi it's a beautiful place. It's nice place for sport and multi pitches climbing.

2 Sectors. 6 Route.
Multi-pitch 6.

Climbing in Navardzeti(chiatura)

Small village “Navardzeti” is located 4.5 km from Chiatura to direction  big climbing region “kacxi”

1 Sectors. 7 Route.

Climbing In "Tbilisi Botanical Garden"

Georgian climbers of all decades have been climbing at the Botanical Garden – one of the best places to go rock climbing in Tbilisi.

3 Sectors. 45 Route.

Climbing In Birtvisi

Birtviy canyon is located 40 km. from Tbilisi. On the climbing section of the track there are mainly bouldering routes, but there are also sports tracks.

8 Sectors. 22 Route.

Climbing At The Black Sea Coast

If you want to go rock climbing on the seaside, the Black Sea coast offers some opportunities to do so.

3 Sectors. 21 Route.

Climbing In Kazbegi(Arsha, Gveleti)

Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) located in the North and 1750 above sea level,  is one of the most popular and touristic places in Georgia.

3 Sectors. 32 Route.
Multi-pitch 2.

Climbing In Kutaisi(Choma)

There are not many climbing trails in the city, but it is enough for a pleasant pastime. 

1 Sectors. 13 Route.

Climbing In Chiatura

chiatura  is one of the most perspective places for climbing in Georgia.

3 Sectors. 24 Route.

Urban Climbing In Tbilisi

Welcome to the monument of Lotkin. It is a 40 meter concrete structure.

1 Sectors. 13 Route.

Climbing In Katskhi (Chiatura)

Katskhi  is one of the most popular and best  places to climb in Georgia. Quality of the rock is perfect for different tip of climbing.

9 Sectors. 72 Route.

Climbing In Sveri(Chiatura)

Sveri Climbing area is located in a small quaint village in region of Imereti on the western part of Georgia.
Rock climbing is a relatively activity in this area.

4 Sectors. 45 Route.