Climbing In Katskhi (Chiatura)

Katskhi  is one of the most popular and best  places to climb in Georgia.

Quality of the rock is perfect for different tip of climbing.

Best time to climb

katskhi is located 700m above sea level. Best time to climb is from September to July. August is hot season for climbing but in shade or cloudy weather its also pleasure to climb.There are sunny and also constantly shady places to climb.

some lines are covered on the top with big trees and some are overhang so you can climb them even in rainy weather.

How to get there

Katskhi  is located about 180 km from the capital Tbilisi. By car, you will need approximately 2  hours.

from Kutaisi airport  1 hour


Guga - Mail: [email protected]    Tel: (+995) 557 300 700

Temo - Mail: [email protected]    Tel; (+995) 598 45 70 48

What you need

  1. 12 quickdraw
  2. 60m roupe 
  3. Harnes 
  4. Belay device
  5. Helmet (Use helmet for your safety !)
  6. Shoes & Chalk Bag


Routes are categorized in French grade and starts from 5a to 8b.

use helmet for your safety !!!!!

Area is not free for bolting !!!

In case if you plan to come for bolting in Georgia please let local community to know about your plans.

Any line which does not fit in our standards will be removed.

Trad climbing is allowed in area. Dry tolling is not allowed  in climbing area.

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