Climbing near Borjomi

Borjomi is located in Eastern Georgia, from sea level 900 m. Population ~ 10,000 people. Borjomi Municipality is very popular among adventure tourism lovers. Here you can do trekking, cycling tour, rafting, and more.

Best time to climb

Best time to climb in the region: mid-spring to late autumn. The rock is mostly in the shade during the day so it is mostly cold during the day. We recommend that you check the weather before arriving in the region.

How to get there

We are going from Borjomi to Bakuriani, in 9 km we will meet the village of Tsaghveri. From the central square of Tsaghveri we turn left and go 700-1000 m to the area of ​​the village Timote. On the right we will meet the source (and the source mark). At the source we find the bridge over the river we cross the bridge and meet the rock. It is possible to park the car here. See map for details.


Temo - Tel - (+995) 598457048. Email - [email protected]

What you need

  1. 60 m rope,
  2. 15 quickdraw,
  3. Helmet.
  4. Harnes
  5. Belay divice
  6. Climbing Shous & Chock bag


In the winter of 2021, the reabilitation of the region is began. Initially only 1 sector and 8 routes were done but already by the summer of 2022 it is planned to do more routes.

Rock - basalt

Area is not free for bolting !!!

In case if you plan to come for bolting in Georgia please let local community to know about your plans. Any line which does not fit in our standards will be removed.

Dry tolling is not allowed  in climbing area.

camping is not allowed under climbing lines  !!!!!!!

for your safety always use helmet  !!!!!!!!!

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