Climbing in Tsdo

Mountain tourism is the main focus in Kazbegi (summit 5047 m), however, the establishment of a respective infrastructure for climbing is in progress.village Tsdo is located from kazbek around 7km.

Best time to climb

June-October but if good weather  its possible to climb even in the winter.


Guga - Mail: [email protected]    Tel: (+995) 557 300 700

Temo - Mail: [email protected]    Tel; (+995) 598 45 70 48

What you need

  1.  60 m rope,
  2. 15 quick draw,
  3. Helmet.
  4. Harnes
  5. Belay divice
  6. Climbing Shous
  7. Chock bag


Area is not free for bolting !!!

In case if you plan to come for bolting in Georgia please let local community to know about your plans.

Any line which does not fit in our standards will be removed.

Trad climbing is allowed in area. Dry tolling is not allowed  in climbing area.

camping is not allowed under climbing lines  !!!!!!!

for your safety always use helmet  !!!!!!!!!

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